12/08: We are currently preparing booklets for self study at home to assist those who still have reservations on returning to school. Parents are to call in to collect these booklets after smses are sent out. However, parents need to note that an application has to be made should they wish to have their child/ren at home. The form will be uploaded on the site and is currently available at school.

24/07: Schools closed as per announcement by President Ramaphosa. KZN Circular No 63 of 2020 has more information for our schools.

Grades 7 learners are at school from 11 August.

We once again direct all parents to the E-LEARNING page where we have some online material for all grades.

The contractor for the building of toilets – 3 Blocks – is on site and has met with Inkosi Bhengu on 24 July to finalise labour matters. A steering committee will be set and and finalised on 28 July 2020.  The project is expected to take 3 months to complete. 

21/07: Disinfecting of school completed

As per regulations, teachers have been tested and will only return when their results are obtained.


The appointed contractor to disinfect the school as per regulations / protocol has not been to school as yet. Due to this, school cannot resume until it has been disinfected. Parents will be informed via sms once it has been disinfected and safe for us to resume. Only Grades 6 and 7 will resume for the rest of July 2020.


15/07: School is temporarily shut for decontamination and fumigation, as per directives for managing COVID-19. School will re-open on 20 July 2020. All Grades 3, Grade 6 and Grade 7 learners are expected to be at school. Parents are requested to ensure that the children come in earlier as the screening process takes time to complete for all learners.

13/07: First confirmed positive case at our school. Learner has been identified and is under quarantine at home. The learner was at school for only 1 day. The school is following the protocols and guidelines as provided to us and the Department of Health officials have done a preliminary visit to the school today (13/07/2020). Testing of some teachers was completed and learners of the affected grade will be tested on 14/07/2020 after obtaining the necessary permission from the parents/guardians. Parents are advised to please ensure that the consent form for COVID-19 testing is completed and submitted timeously to school.

The school is taking all necessary precautions and ensures that health guidelines are followed at school to minimize the risk of spreading the coronavirus. It must be noted that we have outside factors that may affect the school resulting in positive cases being identified at school.

Parents are also advised to keep children at home if they show any signs of illness and have them checked at the clinic or doctor if the symptoms persist.

I thank all parents for the confidence in our school. Parental support ensures that our goals are met and our children get the best possible education at our school.

Please take time to complete a short survey on the E-Learning section of our site by clicking SURVEY

Our website is zero-rated by the following internet service providers: IS (internet solutions); MWEB, RAIN and VOX. Any user with these providers will not be charged for data while using our website. 

Support our school in it’s fundraising efforts at no cost to you. Get a My School MyVillage MyPlanet card, click on the card to get more information on the benefits. After signing up, select KRANSKOP PRIMARY  SCHOOL from the list of beneficiaries and every time you purchase at a partner retailer, present the card or virtual card (using the app) and a percentage of your purchases will be donated to the school.  

The app can be downloaded by selecting on either Google Play for android phones or App Store for IPhones.

If you already have a card, add KRANSKOP PRIMARY SCHOOL to your list of beneficiaries – up to a maximum of 3 beneficiaries are allowed and each will get an equal share of the funds.

Notice Board

The site has been updated on 12 August 2020

We are currently on L3 of the NATIONAL LOCK DOWN (Covid-19)

Due to screening before learners are allowed to enter the school premises, delays are expected before the actual lessons commence, and we appeal to parents to ensure that the protocols must be followed once school commences – that is all learners (and communities) must ensure that social distance of at least 1.5 meters is observed at all times. LATE COMING will not be accepted – as per our school code of conduct and school times and other policies. All learners will have to be dropped off at the gate so that screening on a daily basis can be conducted. The details of all drivers (vehicles dropping off learners) will be required as well on a daily basis – as per regulations for contact tracing. THE COOPERATION OF ALL STAKEHOLDERS WILL BE APPRECIATED TO LIMIT THE SPREAD OF  COVID-19. The pavement leading to the school has been marked and all learners, including visitors, must follow the queue to the screening station. It is compulsory for all entering the school to have a mask on. Visitors will only be allowed if they have made an appointment with the principal prior to coming to school.

E-Learning material now available on our site.

English Reading Material can be accessed here and IsiZulu reading material here. New titles have been added.

Online testing is being piloted and can be found here.

English basic vocabulary word lists (1000 words) can be found in the e-learning page here.

IsiZulu vocabulary word list is also available here.

We encourage all to adhere to the lock down during this period to curb the spread of this virus.

We also encourage all learners to engage in fruitful reading during this time and to spend some time going through their Workbooks for revision purposes.

A READING page has been set up on our site with spelling words for all learners to learn – this will help in the upcoming SPELLING BEE competition as well as in building their vocabulary. We have a few e-books in English and IsiZulu for Grade 1 to Grade 3 learners available and will be adding more as we find suitable e-books. For parents wanting to access the Department website that has been set up to provide e-learning content during this period, the site can be accessed here

All learners will receive their term 1 reports when school reopens. A circular will also be issued to inform parents of the changes that will need to be carried out to catch up on the lost time.


The AGM and Budget 2019 meeting was held on 6 November 2019. The final decision taken was as follows:

  1. The voluntary fees for returning learners is R100 for the 2020 year. This may be paid in installments.
  2. First time admissions will be R150 for the year.
  3. Transports costs for extra curricular activities (sports & excursions) will be collected as and when the need arises.
  4. The school will embark on other fundraising activities as well – Civvies day, cake sales, tuck shop rental, fun day, photographs – to supplement the income.

An appeal is made to all parents to contribute to the voluntary fees to ensure that we are able to continue to provide some temporary employment as required.


Note that once normal schooling resumes, the updated Assessment programme will be made available. This is due to the change of the school academic year due to Covid-19.

The 2020 Term 1 Assessment programme is online and will be issued to learners by 31 January 2020 (learners have received this). The Assessment section has the time table for the March Tests. 

Circular 10 of 20 has been issued on 15 July 2020.

Kindly ensure that you child /ward is at school every school day to ensure success at the end of the year.

Parents, kindly ensure that all learners are at school before 07:30. The first lesson commence at 07:45.

All learners have been issued with a basic stationery pack as well as some of the textbooks. Parents will be required to purchase additional stationery items not issued – these will be subject and grade specific. A circular will be issued indicating the items required.  All books issued are to be neatly labelled and covered. Parents will be required to replace the lost books as per Departmental instructions on retrieval of text books. Circular S12 of 2013 as well as Circular S1 of 2019 issued by the national Department has reference.

The 2020 Assessment plan for each Grade is available here.

Our intervention programme for all Grades is ongoing – Grade 4 learners is on Monday and Wednesday, while the Grade 5 to 7 learners is on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Tuesday and Thursday is for extra-curricular (sports) training during Term 1. The times are indicated under SCHOOL TIMES.


YCAP 2019 : 

Well done Kranskop Primary YCAP team – 2nd place at Nationals in the beginner category! –  competition held in Benoni on 16 August 2019

Full story found here


Congratulations to our team. Provincial Champions. Well done!

Full story found here

It is “the best decision” to send your child to our school!


Grades R, 1 and 2: 07:30 to 13:15  (Mondays)

Grades R, 1 and 2: 07:30 – 13:00 (Tuesday to Friday)

Grade 3: 07:30 to 13:30 daily
Grade 4 to 7: 07:30 to 13:50

INTERVENTION / ACTIVITY TIMES (Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday)
Grade 4 to 7:  13:55 to 14:30

READING (Compulsory for all)
Daily from 07:30 to 07:40


A very successful Awards function was held on 28 November 2019 with Ms NE Mkhize (CES: Umvoti Circuit Management) as our Chief Guest of Honour as well as Mr CB Mthethwa (Circuit Manager of Kranskop North) being our Guest

The top performing learner and the recipient of the Dux Award sponsored by Siyabonga Powertrade was Amahle Sibisi in Grade 7.  Penelope Dlamini was the recipient of the Good Fellowship Award sponsored by Vees Autoshop and Breakdown Services 

Upcoming Important dates to note

July 2020  
24Closure of School 
August 2020 
 9Women’s Day  
 10Public Holiday  / Grade 7’s return 
11Grade 7 return to school (to confirm) 
September 2020
24Heritage Day 
October 2020
November 2020 
5Budget Meeting 
December 2020 
15School closes 

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