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Parents are reminded that our main means of communication is using the WhatsApp platform. Our WhatsApp data number is 081 341 6944. All parents are requested to kindly update their contact details to ensure that messages are received timeously. To update your details, kindly click on this link which will take you to a form to complete. Alternatively, please send your latest cellphone numbers (both parents / guardians) with your child to school. We will be sending out a circular to request your details to update the school records in the next few days.

A note to all Grade R, 1 and 4 parents.

The Health Department will be visiting our school from 25 April 2022 onwards to do a full health screening of all Grade R, 1 and 4 learners. The original Road to Health card is required for this purpose and should be sent to school by Friday, 22 April 2022. Once the nurses are completed with the Grade, all Road to Health cards will be returned to you. This is required for updating information on the card. A notice and consent form will be issued on 19 April 2022.

Circular Notice 4/22 has been issued to Grades R, 1 and 4 Learners today (19/04/2022)

School Times
Grade R/1/2/307:30 – 13:15
Grade 4 – 707:30 – 13:45
Tuesday toFriday
Grade R /1/207:30 – 13:00
Grade 307:30 – 13:15
Grade 4 – 707:30 – 13:45