QLTC Pledge


The power of Education lies with all of us.

Code for Quality Education.

As a Local Department Official, I promise to:

  • Always be available to assist schools, principals and teachers;
  • Respond to request or concerns of Community Education Forums;
  • Visit all schools within the district on a regular basis;
  • Monitor teacher and student attendance, and ensure that no child is out of school;
  • Ensure all schools receive the necessary resources in time for teaching to commence;
  • Ensure all schools have their full staff allocation, and that any vacancies are filled without delay;
  • Assist all schools to improve their performance, ensuring regular tests are conducted, and results are reported to parents.

As a TEACHER, I promise to:

  • Teach, to advance the education and the development of learners as individuals;
  • Respect the dignity and rights of all without prejudice;
  • Develop loyalty and respect for the profession;
  • Be punctual, enthusiastic, well prepared for lessons, and of sober mind and body;
  • Maintain good communication between teachers and students, among teachers themselves, and between teachers and parents;
  • Provide regular information to parents on their children?s progress;
  • Eliminate unprofessional behaviour such as teacher-pupil relationships, drunkenness, drug use, assault and others;
  • Make myself available to provide extra-mural activities.

As a LEARNER, I promise to:

  • Accept the main reason for being in the school is to learn and develop academically, socially and culturally;
  • Adhere to school rules agreed on in legitimate, democratic forums;
  • Respect the Learner Representative Council (LRC) to ensure teachers do not abuse their authority;
  • Respect and not discriminate other learners;
  • Avoid anti-social behaviour like theft, vandalism, and assault, alcohol and other drug abuse, and other activities that disrupt the learning process.

As a PARENT, I promise to:

  • Involve myself actively in school governance structures;
  • Have regular discussion with my children about general school matters;
  • Cultivate a healthy; open and cooperative relationship with my children?s teacher;
  • Create a home environment conducive to study;
  • Assist in the protection of education of resources such as textbooks, chairs, tables and others.

As a COMMUNITY, we promise to:

  • Ensure that every school-going child is at school;
  • Ensure a safe and crime free environment for schooling, and protect the school and its assets from vandalism.

We pledge to undertake these responsibilities to ensure quality education for all.

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